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2019 New Products Promotion, Comforser Family Meeting in Qingdao

post in 03/15/2019

In the new year of 2019, to meet the new market demand in China, Comforser launched new products of run-flat tires CF4000 and CF710。

All old and new friends gathered together to discuss the sales strateges of 2019.  Comforser distributors all over the country met in Qingdao. 

They viewed and studied new tire patterns, as well as greeting old friends each other. It was indeed an exciting meeting!  



Where had Comforser tire been in 2018?

How's the sale of Comforser tire in last year?

What new sales strategies do we have in 2019?

What are the selling points of new patterns?

Mr Gong, the domestic general sales manager, would answer all these questions for our friends.


Looking back the year of 2018, Comforser had been existing as a main tire brand at tire expos, off-road campaigns, and off-road competitions. 

Although faced with the severe market situation, Comforser maintained a satisfying sales. The brand name also impressed each of our consumers. 


Mr Liu, Comforser sales director, talking about "change"

In 2019, we will improve our production and sales service systerm, meanwhile we will introduce new system concept from abroad so as to give each of our distributors a better service. Our factory's 30 inch and 28 inch MT tires are predominant sizes with world-class technology. SNC never stopped its footsteps of new products development.  In 2019, Comforser brand will improve itself further.


With these exciting improvements, Comforser distributors have gathered more confidence for the year of 2019. Regarding these changes, Mr Liu and the factory have already started to make it happen. There are new structures now from factory production to sales marketing.

Comforser leaders awarding our best distributors 


Short meeting, long-lasting friendship

After one's days communication face to face, Comforser famaily have got a deeper affection on each other, and more confidence in the sales this year. 2019 Comforser New Products Promotion came to a successful conclusion.